Prof.Philip Hall

Prof.Philip Hall
Ypsilanti, Michigan; United States
SSIT Volunteer since: 2.011
picture of Prof.Hall SSIT Roles
2014-17 Board of Governors
2016 Vice President
2015, 2017 Chair, Conference & Events Program
2014-15 Chair, DL Program
2014 Chapters Chair / Coordinator
2013-17 Distinguished Lecturer (DL)
IEEE Roles
SSIT Board, IEEE Standards Association, Conference Committees, IEEE Section/Chapter
SSIT 5 Pillars Interest:
Humanitarian/development, Sustainability, Technology Access, Ethics, Impact of Emerging Technology
Emerging Technologies
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Systems
Sustainable Technologies
Web site & Social Media IEEE Senior Member in Southeastern Michigan Section of Region 4

Last updated: 14/06/2017

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