2014 SSIT Logo

SSIT’s Board adopted a new logo design as of Nov. 2014.   Below are images you can use when you need this for conferences, etc.  Also we have guidelines for use and information on complementary fonts and colors (so your chapter, conference, etc. flyers, etc. can match where appropriate.)  Most of the useful image versions are located further down this page. A pointer to the master zip file is at the bottom of this page (password required to access master)

SSIT Logo Use Guidelines

The official IEEE guidelines for use of the IEEE logo
for the IEEE SSIT Logo the following variations of the guidelines apply:
  1. In every use, the integrity of the logo must be preserved
  2. Only the complete, official logo in either solid or outline form may be used. (Hand drawn or deformed versions are not permitted.)
  3. Neither the whole nor recognizable parts may be incorporated into another logo whether designed by an IEEE organizational unit or not.
  4. The SSIT letters may be printed in any color, and the logo incorporated onto another background color
  5. The logo should not be obscured by any other design, lettering, etc.
  6. The logo should not be used frivolously.
  7. The logo shall be used only in connection with official business of the IEEE SSIT. [Members of SSIT may have business cards indicating “Member” or other SSIT specific title, when creating such cards the use of the Color Logo with QR code is encouraged.]
Logo Properties/uses (Note all versions RGB (web)/CMYX (print)/SPOT(PMS – print) are available from the SSIT EWH site.
1040 Pixels high x 2299 – JPG  colorOur “best quality logo”  1040h_IEE-14-TA-152_SSIT_Logo_RGB
1040×2299 Gray Scale – JPGAlso best quality(B&W from EWH site)  1040h_gray_IEE-14-TA-152_SSIT_Logo
520×1150 Color – PNG  520h_IEE-14-TA-152_SSIT_Logo_RGB
520×1150 Gray scale- PNG  520h_gray_IEE-14-TA-152_SSIT_Logo
200 high x442 color PNGCandidate for social media and other “banner” uses  200h_SSIT_Logo_RGB
179h x 1026 Color with QR code – PNG sized for business cards  179hx1026_Logo_wQR
 909hx1428 and 200hx314
ICON versions of the Logo
 SSIT ICON logo version909h_SSIT_Icon
150 high and 200 highQR codes forIEEESSIT.org web sitePNG files  QR_for_IEEESSIT.org_h150 QR_for_IEEESSIT.org_200x200

SSIT Logo Details

The font used for the SSIT is Formata Medium Condensed. The other type is Century Gothic Regular. The dome dots and SSIT letter colors are as follows:

  • SSIT dark blue: PANTONE 308 C / C=100 M=58.67 Y=34.86 K-16.21 / R=0 G=89 B=120
  • Gold: PANTONE 123 C / C=0 M=23.4 Y=91 K=0 / R=255 G=197 B=47
  • Light Blue: PANTONE Process Cyan C / C=69.34 M=14 Y=0 K=0 / R=42 G=172 B=227
  • Purple: PANTONE 2612 C / C=62.64 M=100 Y=11.3 K=1.57 / R=123 G=41 B=129
  • Tan: PANTONE 131 C / C=17.45 M=48.5 Y=100 K=1.86 / R=207 G=139 B=42

(note: The letters in the SSIT aren’t quite square because of the font. The ‘s’ is just taller in this font.) Use the RGB logo when designing for web. The CMYK logo is used for print. The SPOT logo was created with the specific Pantone colors in the brand guidelines and should be used when a printer asks for the PMS version.


Master zip file of all SSIT Logo formats (password required) – zip file at >> our EWH site.

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