T&S Magazine – March 2016



40_ Narrative, Design, and Comprehension: Connective Technologies and their Terms of Service Agreements*
Ramona Pringle

47_ Speed isn’t Enough: Usability and Adoption of an Optimized Alert Notification System*
Kimberly Zeitz, Randy Marchany, and Joseph Tront

56_ Evaluating Adversarial Interfaces*
Ryan Tate, Gregory Conti, Alexander Farmer, and Edward Sobiesk

69_ Protecting Workers from Step Voltage Hazards*
Aikaterini D. Baka and Nikolaos K. Uzunoglu

75_ Designing a Novel ECG Simulator: Multi-Modality Electrocardiography into a Three-Dimensional Wire Cube Network*
Youngseok Lee, Inbae Chang, and Sohyung Cho


President’s Message
3 Broadening SSIT
Greg Adamson

ISTAS’15 Welcome Address
4 Crafting an Ethical Global Society
President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins

8 Smart Toys that are the Stuff of Nightmares
Emmeline Taylor and Katina Michael

10 Correction

News and Notes
11 New T&S Associate Editors
20 T&S Magazine Wins STC Award

Book Reviews
15 FM Power to the People
17 Probing the Sky

23 Class Size and Confidence Levels Among Female STEM Students
Pooja Sankar, Jessica Gilmartin, and Melissa Sobel

18 Is Big Data the New “God” on Earth?
Salvatore F. Pileggi
21 Bridging the Gap: How Technology Helps Food Artisans Connect with Consumers
Lior Lavy
27 Creepiness Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Anna Johnston

Letter to the Editor
39 Blockchain Thinking and Euphoric Hubris

29 If Privacy is Dead, What Can We Do Instead?*
Bogdan Hoanca
85 Are Technologies Innocent? Part Two: Human Exclusivity – Only Humans Can Be
Held to Moral Account*
Christopher Pearce and Michael Arnold

Last Word
88 Dagen Högertrafik (H-Day) and Risk Habituation
Christine Perakslis

*Refereed Articles

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