IEEE T&S Magazine, June 2016


VOL. 35, NO. 2, JUNE 2016

SPECIAL SECTION—Rise of the Robots:
Technology and Social Disruption


President’s Message
3 Do We Just “Build Stuff”?
Greg Adamson

Call for
4 ISTAS 2017 — Kerala, India

5 When Uber Cars Become Driverless: “They Won’t Need No Driver”
Katina Michael

In Memoriamtoc thumbnail minsky
11 Marvin Minsky 1927–
David Brin

12 Perfecting Sound
15 America’s Assembly Line
18 Rise of the Robots
20 The Cybernetics Moment
23 Military Robots: Mapping the Moral Landscape
25 Digital Militarism

Leading Edge
29 When Smart Is Not: Technology and Michio Kaku’s The Future of the
Jeff Robbins

28 Social Network Neutrality, Anyone?
Nicholas Paul Sheppard
32 RFID Implant Developments: Where are We Headed and Why?
Sharon Rose Bradley-Munn
86 Are Technologies Innocent? Part Three: The Passive Instrument Argument*icon.access.locked
Michael Arnold and Christopher Pearce

Ethical Dilemmas
34 GM Ignition Switch Recall: Too Little Too Late?
Karl Stephan
36 Toyota: Not So Fast,
Karl Stephan

38 Uber Is Built on
Chris MacDonald

News and Notes
39 ISTAS 2016: An Update

Last Word
88 Militarized
Christine Perakslis


40_ Will My Next Car Be a Libertarian or a Utilitarian? Who Will Decide?*icon.access.locked
Tom Fourniercrop sample


46_ Sex Robot Matters — Slavery, the Prostituted, and the Rights of Machines*icon.access.lockedcopy of image to be used with sex robots article
Kathleen Richardson



54_ Robot Enhanced Therapy for Children with Autism Disorders: Measuring Ethical Acceptability*icon.access.locked
Andreea Peca, Mark Coeckelbergh, Ramona Simut, Cristina Costescu, Sebastian Pintea, Daniel David, and Bram Vanderborght

67_ Flying Ad-Hoc Networks: Technological and Social Implications*icon.access.lockededitorial thumbnail drones
Wajiya Zafar and Bilal Muhammad Khan



75_ Privacy Policy Analysis of Popular Web Platforms*icon.access.locked
Stephanie Winkler and Sherali Zeadally

* Refereed articles.

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