IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, March 2017


Calls for Papers
ISTAS 2017 — Sydney, AustraliaPresident’s Message
SSIT’s 45th Anniversary
Paul Cunningham

News and Notes
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Thank You to Greg Adamson

Guest Editorial

Socio-Ethical Implications of Implantable
Technologies in the Military Sector

Katina Michael, M.G. Michael, Jai C. Galliot,
and Rob Nicholls

Ethical Imperatives for Veteran
Healthcare Resources

Book Review
Windows into the Soul: Surveillance and
Society in an Age of High Technology

Industry Viewpoint

Military Applications of Invasive
Brain Stimulation

Melanie Segado

*Refereed articles.

What if My Disability Will not be Relevant in the Future?
Laszlo G. LovaszyHuman Microchipping, Past, Present, and … Future?
Gary Retherford

Religion, Science, and Technology —
An Interview with Metropolitan Kallistos Ware

MG Michael and Katina Michael

Leading Edge
Children and Technology
Kimberly Young


Brain Implants and Memory
R.E. BurnettEthics and Brain Implants in the Military
Marcus Wigan

Why Did the 3D Revolution Fail?
Pawel Rotter

Are Technologies Innocent? *
Part Six: The Dilution of Responsibility Argument

Michael Arnold and Christopher Pearce

Concluding Remarks
Implantable Technologies in the Military Sector
Philip Hall

Last Word
ODE to… Digital Humility
Christine Perakslis


Human by Design
Nadja Oertelt
Contributors: Adam Arabian, E. Christian Brugger, Michael Chorost,
Nita A. Farahany, Samantha Payne, and Will Rosellini

Exoskeletons, Transhumanism,
and Culture – Performing Superhuman Feats*

Isabel Pedersen and Tanner Mirrlees

Regulation of the Use of Nanotechnology in Armed Conflict*
Kobi Leins

Implanting Military RFID – Rights and Wrongs*
Rob Nicholls

System Configuration Contributions to Vulnerability*
Lindsay Robertson and Albert Munoz

Military Insertables – Lessons from Civilian Use*
Kayla J. Heffernan, Frank Vetere, and Shanton Chang

Can Implants Be Weapons Under the Law?*
Timothy McFarland

Taking the Long View of Nanotechnology’s Societal Implications
Sepehr Ghazinoory, Fatemeh Saghafi, and Sahar Kousari

*Refereed articles.

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