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Welcome to the IEEE SSIT Chapters home page. IEEE has local sections around the world. “Chapters” are local groups with an interest in a specific IEEE Society, such as the Society on Social Implications of Technology (SSIT).  A chapter can be “stand alone” (formed with 12 or more interested members) or can be a “joint chapter” with another or several other IEEE Societies. A current listing of IEEE Chapters can be downloaded HERE.

This page is current as at 11th April 2016 and contains the following sections:

A list of current and aspiring SSIT Chapters are at the following links:

SSIT Chapters Chair/Coordinator

2015 Chair/Coordinator: Ramalatha Marimuthu
Professor and Head, Department of IT, KCT
Chair, IEEE Women in Engineering Committee 2011-2012
IEEE MGA representative to EAB 2014
Chair, IEEE Madras Women in Engineering 2007-2013
Chair, IEEE Madras Education Society Chapter 2014

Immediate Past Chair/Coordinator: Philip Hall
Principal Fellow, The University of Melbourne, Australia
Member, SSIT Board of Governors (2013-17); Vice President SSIT (2016)
Distinguished Lecturer, IEEE SSIT 2013-16
Chair, SSIT Distinguished Lecturer Program 2014-15
Chair, SSIT Conferences & Events 2015
Chair/Coordinator, SSIT Chapters 2013-14
Chair, SSIT Australia Chapter 2013-14
SSIT Representative on IEEE-USA Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy (CTAP) 2014-15; Chair, CTAP (2016-17)

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A Word from the 2014 Chair

In December 2013 I took over from Emily Anesta as SSIT Chapters Coordinator and Chair of the SSIT Chapters Committee. This 2-year appointment was in addition to my role as Chair of the SSIT Australia Chapter.

Of prime importance to me is keeping this website and other media resources up to date and informative, and with the help of the respective Chapter Chairs I will be work to ensure these are of a standard we expect of a global professional association and that best meets our needs.

I have created a closed-member LinkedIn Group “IEEE SSIT Chapters” specifically for SSIT Chapter Chairs to use as a community forum for high-level collaboration and knowledge sharing. We can always learn something from each other by sharing experiences or simply asking our colleagues for their comments or assistance.

I am also working with SSIT’s Technology and Society Magazine editorial board to provide regular contributions on technology and society topical issues and that represent a VIEWPOINT of the Chapters. This is in addition to any input Chapter Chair’s might submit to the SSIT e-Newsletter; my focus is to get into the magazine regular worthwhile contributions by the Chapter Chairs (as a respected collegiate body), even if that can be achieved by small opportunistic contributions that can be used as “fillers” until such time as more page space can be made available.  In the meantime, I encourage Chapter Chairs to consider collaborating with each other to produce co-authored articles on technology and society “hot topics” for publication in the Magazine.

These are a few activities I have initiated that I hope will enable us to be more collegial in our SSIT endeavours. I look forward to working with respective Chapter Chairs to promote SSIT and its cause within their Region and around the world.

Please consider becoming involved at the local level by joining SSIT, or by forming an SSIT Chapter in your area if none exists. Please do not hesitate to contact me, Ramalatha, or any of the SSIT Chapter Chairs if you wish to discuss an issue, would like an opinion, or require assistance.

– Philip Hall, VP SSIT (2016), and Immediate Past Chair/Coordinator, SSIT Chapters

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Information and Guidelines on Creating a New Chapter

Information and guidelines on the process for creating a new Society Chapter can be found on the main IEEE website; click HERE to transfer to that webpage. IEEE Staff are available to assist aspiring chapter applicants with any step of the process of Chapter Development.
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10 thoughts on “SSIT Chapters

  1. The Switzerland chapter welcomes any interested person to join us for our discussion evening and other activities.
    Details are updated on the website of the Switzerland Section,
    However, we are a small community – only a small amount of events is being organised.

    • Hi Thomas, Firstly, I apologise for not responding to this post sooner – I was waiting for Jim to commission the new SSIT website. You will see that I have updated the Chapters page, and because most chapters do not have their own website, I propose to host them as individual pages under the Chapters ‘parent’ page – see the Australia Chapter’s page which I am developing as a template. Alternatively, you could still stay on and we could link to that from a SSIT Switzerland Chapter page. Please email me at philip.hall(at) to discuss. Cheers, Phil (SSIT Chapters Chair and Chapters Coordinator)

  2. I recently joined SSIT and would be interested in starting up a chapter in Region 5 if there are others interested.

    • Hi Richard, Firstly welcome to SSIT! I am the current SSIT Chapters Chair as well as Chair, SSIT Australia. I welcome your interest in establishing an SSIT Chapter in Region 5, as we currently do not a have a SSIT Chapter presence in Southwestern USA. Please email me at philip.hall(at) and we get the dialogue started. Cheers, Phil

  3. I am organizing the 8th International Conference on Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine: An International Conference that will be held in Brooklyn, NY, USA, April 24-26, 2015. This conference is sponsored by the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center and co sponsored by IFMBE, Sigma Xi, and technically co-sponsored by IEEE SSIT. The details about the Call for Abstracts is available from I would like to invite all members of SSIT to present a paper/and or participate at this conference.

  4. Hi sir Our institute want to start IEEE SSIT student . Our Institute offers a 2 year Full time Master of Business Administration Programme & 3 years Full time Bachelor of Business Administration (Approved by AICTE).

    Please guide us

    • Dr. Singh
      Our Chapters Chair is Ramalatha Marimuthu and she can help you with the process of setting up an SSIT Student Branch.
      Also your local section chair can help in this respect (go to to find section information). While IEEE tends to focus on schools with technology degrees, SSIT clearly spans beyond this, encouraging a dialog among diverse professionals (and others) who are concerned with the implications of technology on society. — Best wishes, Jim Isaak

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