Step 1 – Login

Navigate to http://sites.ieee.org/wp-admin

Step 2 – Gaining Access

Enter the username and password that were supplied to you by the IEEE SSIT Administrator.

Note – These were sent to you as an automated message from the website itself. Please check your spam folder also to ensure you have not missed that email message.

Step 1 - Editors

Step 3 – Select your page to edit

Select the page/s that you have permission to edit. Please do NOT edit site content that is the responsibility of other Editors.

* Note: a running historical record of site content edits has been enabled.

Page editing

Step 4 – Page location

By default your page has been allocated a position in the file directory by the IEEE SSIT Administrator.

Please do NOT alter the ‘parent’ field nor the template field. Please leave them intact and as they appear.

Step 3 - Editors

Step 5 – Adding Content

Take some time initially to familiarise yourself with each and every icon and it’s function in the WYSIWYG editor.

The page you are editing will already have a title and URL. Please do NOT change that title nor the permalink.

Note – Use the editor when adding content to the page and switch to ‘text’ view to tidy up any content that is falling out in formatting.

Step 4 - Editors

Help – More Inquiries

At any time please contact the IEEE Account Administrator for general inquiry and advanced support via web conference: