Philip Hall

Philip Hall

  • Principal Fellow in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia

This page is current as at March 9th 2016 and contains the following sections:

An Australian with permanent residency status in the United States, Philip works internationally from home bases in Melbourne, Victoria (Australia) and Ann Arbor, Michigan (United States); he is currently affiliated with the IEEE Southeastern Michigan (SEM) Section in Region 4.

He specialises in the delivery and management of business-critical systems in complex operational and technological environments. Experienced in integrating business, science and technology across a diverse range of industries, he has provided professional services to major companies, organisations and government agencies. Philip has also advised internationally on practical strategies for disaster management and climate change adaptation.

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Professional Qualifications & Appointments include:

  • Principal Fellow in the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Melbourne School of Engineering, The University of Melbourne (January 2015 to present)
  • Adjunct Professor within the School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics, The University of Western Australia (August 2011 to March 2015)
  • Adjunct Professor in the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Islands and Oceans at The University of the South Pacific (May 2008 to April 2010)
  • Fellow, the Australian Institute of Management (FAIM)
  • Fellow, the Institute of Engineers Australia (FIEAust)
  • Senior Member, the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (SMIEEE)
  • Member, the International Association of Emergency Managers (MIAEM)
  • Member, the International Water Association (MIWA)

In IEEE SSIT he is:

  • SSIT Vice-President (2016)
  • SSIT Board of Governors (2013-17)
  • Chair, SSIT Strategic Planning Committee (2016)
  • SSIT Distinguished Lecturer (2013-16)
  • Chair, SSIT Distinguished Lecturer Program (2014-15)
  • Chair, SSIT Conferences & Events Program (2015)
  • Chair/Coordinator, SSIT Chapters (2013-14)
  • Chair, SSIT Australia Chapter (2013-14)

Philip is also:

  • Chair, IEEE-USA Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Policy (CTAP) (2016-17, SSIT Member 2014-15)
  • Member, IEEE Aerospace & Electronic Systems Society (AESS), and
  • Vice Chair, IEEE AESS Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) Technical Panel

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DL Engagements – 2015

Australia (April 2015)
During a recent visit to Australia, Philip delivered a talk on the ‘National Security and Societal Implications of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Related Technologies’ at The University of Melbourne (Melbourne, April 28) and The University of New South Wales, Australia (Sydney, April 30).

In this talk, Philip gave an update of considerations arising from two recent expert workshops on the topic that he organised and chaired in Melbourne (29-30 September 2014) and Washington DC (20-21 March 2015). He also provided an overview of the recent UAE Government ‘Drones for Good’ Award held in Dubai and for which he was a finalist judge (5-8 February 2015), and the ICAO RPAS Symposium, which he attended in Montreal (23-25 March 2015) as a guest of the ICAO RPAS Program Office. A key thread of the talk was the legal and civil liberties challenges that have been identified.
For a copy of the brochure, click HERE
For a copy of Philip’s presentation, click HERE
For details of the Melbourne 2014 and Washington 2015 RPAS workshops, click HERE

India (February 2015)
Philip conducted a 2-week DL tour of India from 10-21 February 2015, during which he gave a lecture on the “Water, Energy and Food Security: integrated technology solutions for sustainability” at the following institutions:
10 Feb – Department of Electrical Computing Engineering (ECE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore
11 Feb – BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore
12 Feb – Institution of Engineers, Trivandrum
14 Feb – IEEE Madras Section, Chennai/Madras
18 Feb – School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University, New Delhi

Summary: ‘Sustainable Technologies’ are buzzwords of today to positively impact quality of life of society threatened by unsustainable development. The talk will focus on the power of thought-leadership in integrating technologies to provide sustainable solutions, and argue that the development and application of integrated technology solutions is critical if the global community is to achieve any sustainable level of water, energy and food security. Several examples of innovative solutions using both current and emerging technologies will be presented across the three sectors, and their interdependencies discussed from a water, energy and food security nexus perspective.
Click HERE to download a PDF copy of Philip’s India DL tour presentation.

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DL Engagements – 2014
Philip conducted the following DL engagements in 2014: Details to be provided soon.
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