Dr. Greg Adamson

  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Member Since: 2005
  • Specialty: IEEE Senior Member in Victorian Section Section of Region 10
  • LinkedIn

SSIT Roles:
2005-11: Chair, Australia chapter
2010-15: Member, Board of Governors
2013-14: Vice-President
2015-16: President
2017-18: Past President

IEEE Roles:
SSIT Board (elected or appointed), IEEE Standards Association, SSIT and/or other Conference Committees, IEEE Section/Chapter

SSIT 5 Pillars Interest:
Humanitarian/development, Sustainability, Technology Access, Ethics, Impact of Emerging Technology

Norbert Wiener, Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis, Indian IT history, philosophy of technology, why engineers believe what engineers believe, blockchain, ethics and emerging technologies including AI.

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