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University of Wollongong

Katherine Albrecht

Anas Aloudat
The University of Jordon

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University of Kent

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Quinnipiac University

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IIMC, Ireland

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University of New South Wales

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Charles Darwin University

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European Commission

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Ryerson University

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Georgia Institute of Technology

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Terri Bookman
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Dept. of Electrical and
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University of Massachusetts Lowell
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Heather Love (Editor)

T&S Editorial Board
John Impagliazzo (Publications Chair)
Professor Emeritus
Hofstra University

Katina Michael (Editor)

Ronald Kline
Cornell University

Keith W. Miller
University of Missouri, St. Louis

6 thoughts on “Contact T&S

  1. Would it be possible to get Technology & Society Magazine in plain PDF format (as it was for issues prior to Fall 2014) or is there some way to turn off the very annoying QMag navigation menus and zoom?


    • All T&S Magazine issues are available in plain PDF format through IEEE Xplore.
      SSIT members should also receive a separate “table of contents” email for each issue if T&S that contains links to the Xplore articles.

      Plain PDF Xplore links to the articles are also embedded in the tables of contents posted on the website at

      In terms of public access, all non refereed articles are available publicly on Xplore and through the links listed above.

  2. Dear Editorial Board,

    in April 2014 I submitted a paper, that was assigned ID 191.
    Since then, I haven’t heard anything from the Editorial Board. I sent several email, but I’ve never received any answer.

    I would just like to know if the paper was rejected, also for considering the possibility of submitting it elsewhere.
    Conversely, if it is still under review, I’d like to have an update on that.

    Can you please let me know?
    Lorenzo Sabattini

    • Lorenzo,
      thanks for asking … I’ve forwarded your query to our EIC and Editorial folks so they should get back to you soon (I hope)

      Just a note for others with similar questions — using “FORM” for input results in automatically having it go to the right person(s), and avoids the delay that can occur with just posting comments on the site.
      Jim Isaak, SSIT VP

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